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Listing agents in Philadelphia PA


Home sellers are prone to two major mistakes while choosing a listing agent on solely two aspects. These aspects are worth your time while making a decision as homes are a big investment so as much information you consider the better the outcome of your decision will be. The two mistakes are,

1. Highest list price

People go for homes that have the highest list price as they want to own the best property for them to live in.

2. Lowest commission

Sellers might spontaneously say, “Are you crazy! And makes no sense!” because sellers want the maximum profit and for that they have to sell at high prices and pay very little commission. However, these two factors have nothing to do with hiring an agent that is the most competent for the job and hence turn out to be completely irrelevant. And the reasons are below.

Property agents will not be able to give you an exact estimation for your home. If they say they know, then they are fooling you and are only giving you a very rough idea. A listing agent in Philadelphia PA will show you a range of things such as sales comparatively over the years, any sales that are still pending and any sales that are currently active. But remember, that only you choose the sales price and it is only the job of the buyer to tell you if the price is correct.

To get people to respond to listings, many agents are known to distort facts for their personal gain and this is unfortunately common practice. Since property agents never guarantee the sales price you quote, the listing agent making the suggestion for the highest price would most likely be distorting the truth. To get ahead of the listing agent, you could ask the agent to back up the quote with numbers that support the same.

In case the listing agent has no previous recorded statistics or in the case that the home sales are further off in a separate location, then that should be considered fishy and a potential point of concern.

Listing agents in Philadelphia PA gives you a range and one should look for a range because that gives the client a realistic idea of the price range. Listing agents who do that should be considered more ethical than others who do not. There is almost always a price range that one could be conjured up.

The price range may be extremely wide that ranges from the low end at $10,000 to $20,000 at the other side, even the range of the spread might be a lot more. However listing agents in Philadelphia PA give you the right estimate backed by correct numbers.

Besides that numerous factors determine different aspects of property such as the range, place of property, to hot or cold the market currently is to the various developments made to a home for improvement or embellishments.

An accurately priced property is an art and listings in Philadelphia PA pride themselves on just that.

The hottest time for offers is almost always within the first thirty days on the market and generally twenty one days is considered to be the most ideal time period for the same. In the case if perfect pricing at a home, you will most definitely gain an offer. However in the case that the property is way too expensive, then you will be most likely to not get any showings at all. These are all important points to look into.

Remember that buyers will reject your property and then that will lead to a drop in price because of need to sell. At this point, potential buyers would only send up wondering the flaw in your property.

Is it advisable to choose a Commission based agent?

All real estate agents are different and there is no rule of one size fits all. Approximately about 1 tenth of agents get 90 percent of the business out there. Each has their own unique business model and each uses various specific marketing tools. Even their budgets are different so advertising strategies also for each would be different.

If in the case where you choose an agent that has a big advertising and marketing budget, then it might serve you as you will gain exposure to a variety of people who are looking to buy. This is considered the best scenario as your outreach will be much wider and further. More buyers will lead to more sales.

Are agents willing to work for poorer compensation?

Brokers and real estate agents ask for a fee and the reason they do so is because the market is highly competitive. Agents generally cannot compete with big businesses on any ground whether service related, information, or even the art of negotiating with clients. Agents need to bring more to the forefront than a cheap fee and if that’s all they ask, then that could be a red flag.

Listing agents in Philadelphia PA provide the best services possible to a potential client. If you find an agent who is desperate for work, there could be a reason why. Qualifications need to be checked up as well just to be sure of what you are getting. Many a time agents who charge for full service negotiate and obtain a lesser fee under a few cases which are,

You buy a home or want to sell a home simultaneously. If you outsource both these things to a single agents then you get to pay a lesser commission than under normal circumstances.

  • You are okay with doing all the leg work yourself which includes all the money spent on promotions as well.

  • If you aid in getting more people which would lead to more business.

  • You wish to sell more than just one property.

  • You are accepted as a case of pro bono.

  • The agent is under the threat of losing a listing unless they match the competition.

  • The agent needs the traffic.

In case you are interested in hiring an agent who might offer these sorts of services, then it would be advisable to see a track record that reflects all their numbers. You will see that the agents that charge lesser fee will offer most discount and the difference between even a percent of fee charged is miniscule to begin with. With RE/MAX @ HOME, you be reassured of the track record.

RE/MAX @ HOME comprises of a team of real estate agents who specialize in the sales of luxury homes, vacant land, new construction,  rehab opportunities and commercial investments. We offer unparalleled service to our esteemed clients. Contact us for further enquiry and to discuss your requirement in Philadelphia PA.


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